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The Buckle, Inc. is an American fashion retailer selling clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, boys, girls. The company operates 451 stores in 42 states throughout the United States of America, under the names Buckle and The Buckle. Buckle markets brand name and private label apparel, including denim, other casual bottoms, tops and shirts, dresses and rompers and sportswear.

A former employee shared in a review "The Buckle has a very toxic environment for sales, pushed to make cold calls to people that often don't want them, to push a credit card. I saw many people get taken advantage of by coworkers who were being pushed past their morals to meet a deadline"


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Former Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"Heavy lifting in undesirable areas that don’t allow you to lift properly, they don’t really care about their employees, high turnover rate"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything they had to offer was horrible"

Current Employee - Visual Merchandiser says

"Toxic environment. Very poor management. Unrealistic time expectations that severely impacts the quality of work which is apparently the "Buckle" standard."


"They want the employees to be like vultures on customers as they walk in the door. They only care about their bottom line and the “commission” is a joke."

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"Threaten to fire you if you don't buy and wear their clothes. One pappy of jeans can range from $60-$100 and they expect you to wear their brands head to toe everyday. Pretty much you work off of commission and had to spend most of your paycheck on their clothes so you don't get fired"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Upper management sucks, they have unachievable expectations. They are what we like to call "buckle bots" which basically means they live, breath, and eat buckle. They want you to work off the clock, on vacation, and everywhere you go. They literally do not care for anyone."

Former Employee - Management says

"Thanks for the Review and Feedback!"

Current Employee - Buckle Sales Associate says

"Thanks for the review and feedback."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are a sneaky conniving and an ethical person this is the perfect job for you. I have met a few great people that do work for buckle but unfortunately my time at camp Hill's location the manager when it first opened had a terrible attitude. I felt harassed and unappreciated of hard work. If she still has the current manager I would not apply...."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job will cause you extreme stress, you are constantly under pressure while working there. The managers and leaders there will make you feel not very welcoming. It’s all a facade."

Leader (Former Employee) says

"Don’t recommend retail if you want a personal life . Not much of a work and personal balance. There’s not a lot of opportunity for growth with this company either"

Personal stylist (Former Employee) says

"Wish I could rate this place lower. Commission is unfair and people are rude. You have to harass people with a script and if you try to have normal conversations with people you can get in trouble worst place I’ve worked"

Logistics manager (Former Employee) says

"Buckle is a great place to shop at. When it comes to employment they have no since of team effort, employee care, or positive environment. when working a full time position hours are cut fir 40 hours to 10. no since of honesty when in interview.\payEnvironment, drama filled, misleading"

Asst Manager (Former Employee) says

"What a terrible company. They scheduled an interview, then canceled the interview saying they did nt want to extend an offer of a job to me. Why did you even call me? What an atrocious practice."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enough is never enough and you will never be good enough. For assistant management’ll be low balled even if you negotiate. The store manager will make 3-4x as much as you and you’ll be treated like your position is invalid."

Teammate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Buckle for about a month. I had a lot of retail experience from previous jobs. After a few days of working here I started having issues with an employee. She micro managed me so much that it pushed me away. I talked to the manager a few times, but he wouldn't do anything. They said they like to give feedback, but it wasn't feed back. It was a way of bringing you down. I can see now why they can't keep anyone."

Ecommerce (Former Employee) says

"•Poor management •Unorganized •lack of knowledge •poor communication •Negative work environment from the top-down •Favoritism, sexism, and nepotism •Boring, repetitive work •No incentives"

Leader in Training (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Buckle almost a year. After my 2nd week of working there, I started running into problems with another teammate, talked to the manager and nothing was really done. I have had problems with this teammate for almost a year straight. The manager does NOTHING. He constantly takes up for her and tells us how to talk to her a certain way so we do not "upset her". 7 teammates have left in less than a year."

Leader in Training (Former Employee) says

"I worked for buckle for almost a year. After my 2nd week of working for Buckle, I started having issues with an employee. I let the manager know, and nothing was really done. 7 people have quit because of her, now me. I've dealt with this for almost a year. I'm done. He let's her run the show."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No diversity whatsoever! Typical “rich beach girls” working here. I was the only minority in there. Girls looking at me the wrong way and so on. Had my interview and after finishing it the manager told me to go apply at other stores in the mall. What is that supposed to mean? So rude. I sit in the food court right next to the store and see another typical beach looking girl come in for an interview. They were all welcoming her, unlike they did for me. If you are a minority don’t think you’re going to get hired. Apply somewhere else a save your time.NoneNo diversity, rude, employees talk together too much"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They only want money. They hire young people who look the part then who use the 40% discount to buy a ton of clothing then they quit and the stores are short staffed again. They push you to annoy and harass people who do not want your help so they will try more and more items they don't want to and if you work on a slow day and you don't make many sales the management cuts your hours instead of looking at the little opportunity you had to even get sales. They encourage lying and telling the customers who ask that you don't make a commission when in fact you do. They play favorites to the employees who look the part the most and look like fun young partiers and are okay wasting your time having you clean up after the ones they want to be the face of the store which ruins your sales time and gets your hours cut further. Everyone sleeps with everyone despite store policy to not get romantically involved with fellow staff members."

Store Associate (Former Employee) says

"My job started at a group interview on the store floor with loud music with someone who isn't even qualified to do interviews, then told my pay is 50% commission, then they said full time, but was given bad part time hours, then had to compete with other co-workers for customers since half my pay is commission pay, horrible job experience, they don't care about you unless you're a thin young college cute girl.NoneBad management, cut throat, lack of pay."

Assistant Manager/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Managers like to lie to you about what positions are open right off the bat in the interviews. I went in for an assistant manager position, was given an interview for regular sales staff, and then told the job had already been filled when I asked about management. But thats not the worst of it.. 2 DAYS later I find a posting for said "filled" assistant manager job. Terrible management.NoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Honestly this is a job for people who are entering the workforce and are looking to get their first job. I say that because it will show you exactly what not to look for in a workplace. Also very failing business nobody ever comes in. Management at the galleria is very prejudice, unprofessional, and unqualified. It’s like buckle hires teenage kids from the beach to run their business."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I hated working retail here ! Everyone had worked their for a very long time and knew one another on a personal level .. the people working there before me didn’t make me feel welcomeDiscountManagement"

Teammate (Former Employee) says

"Think commission, but ten times worse. You are rated not only on how much you sell, but how you sell it and how much you can add on plus credit card and rewards program. That in itself was not that bad... but the management was catty and solely focused on making the teammates hate each other and the whole work experience."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"management was AWFUL so immature, unfair, and created it to be a toxic environment. forced employees to steal other employees sales for raises, took commission from sales associates while making salary, made fun of people for shopping at other stores. i learned how to fold really well and how expensive it is and is literally not worth it. forced you to have appointments or else you’d be fired."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Worked retail for over 10 years before joining Buckle team. Some of the worst retail management I have ever seen and some of the most divisive and uncomfortable sales techniques/pushing of product.Clothing discountEverything else"

Kryslin Kane says

"I am extremely frustrated. I bought my mom a belt as a birthday gift from Buckle back in March. After receiving no communication about that status of the belt, I reached out in April inquiring on its status. I was told because of Covid and the store being closed that the belt would be shipped out when the store opened. I was understanding and patient because of Covid. Mind you I was charged for the belt in March. However, It is now September and I have received no belt and no communication. I was on a call with a customer service rep today who could no long send me this belt since it was now out of stock and only offered me to refund it- nothing extra for the poor business or the fact that they have helped on to my money since March. She additionally blamed me to be accountable since I hadn't reached out since April but then told me to be understanding because of Covid. Yet they took my money and gave me no form of communication on my order, I was patient because of Covid, then I get blamed for being patient because of Covid. Absolutely horrible customer service and I didn't even get the belt for my moms birthday. I liked this brand, but will never support this brand again due to their poor business and even worse customer service."

Taylor says

"They are only getting a star because it’s mandatory. @laplazamallbuckle McAllen Texas store #280 I am disgusted with the service I received. Well you couldn’t even call it service!! I’ve gone to the store MULTIPLE times and ZERO greetings I’ve walked around the entire store to finally see an employee and have to ASK them where the specific brand is and then nothing! this is unacceptable! No matter the size or what the customer is dressed like you should greet them, ask what they are looking for and then pull options and start a dressing room!!!! That has NEVER happened at any time I’ve been in!! This time was worse!! Employees sitting around gossiping and noticed I had a hand full of clothes to try on that I picked out myself. Two girls who won’t leave behind the counter to help anyone and another girl in a tube top who ignored me to go flirt with guys!!! I had to go and find a guy employee to open and Girls dressing room! I literally left bawling!! I don’t care if I’m a size 25 or a 35 you help your guy at!! Because I was in athletic clothes and not skinny I was over looked again! This is so disgusting and discriminatory!!"

OJW says

"Terrible business practices. Buyer beware. Fighting to get a refund for returned product. Do not trust this company"

Cindy Stewart says

"Bought a pair of expensive know! Anyway, they tore right in the middle of the jeans, not on a seam, so not fixable. Anyway, called customer service and was told they do not guarantee their items. WTH??? You charge me $178 for a pair of jeans only worn a few times and you can't even guarantee your cheap products??? Not for me. I will NEVER shop with The buckle again. Very upset."

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